PocketZINE1.0 PUSH THE LIKE BUTTON NOW! is another subproduct from WAWBAW series. This tiny 7cm x 7cm zine contains print artwork that was posted on Instagram from 29th of September 2018 till 30th of October 2018. ‘push the like button now!’ has the same ‘expression’ theme as the previous work entitled ‘the amazing you’ in 2017 (citing the phenomenon of @gembiraputra’s work in 2003 in a different case and time space), talking about expressions in real life and in cyberspace. In cyberspace, likes are a statistic and represent an expression that has been zipped and wrapped in an icon. Whereas in real life, we can’t find the ‘like’ button. Humans must be able to appreciate it in their own way, very personally and have their own character.

In 2019, I invited Ika Vantiani to collaborate with me. The collaboration rise a work entitled EarringsBOOK1.0. This collaboration is a long-distance collaboration, in the process we did not have time to meet. The material was sent via postal delivery service and carried to a different city. I did it in Bandung and Ika Vantiani did it in Jakarta. The earringsBOOK1.0 measures 3.5cm x 3cm. Each side has artwork of the two of us, I drew it in Chinese ink, then wrapped it in a unique collage from Ika Vantiani.

5 Best Indonesian Specality is my first zine with culinary content. This zine contains some great ideas from WORK COFFEE INDONESIA. I think this collaboration is quite rare, because only a few number of culinary zine in Indonesia that exist. The themes related to food or beverages, especially the characteristics of Indonesian culinary delights, which are rarely raised in the zine media. WORK COFFEE INDONESIA deliberately made this one for their promo at the London Coffee Festival in March 2019.

Push the Like Button Now!’ Zine 2.0 crumpled paper series, screen printing on hvs nova-21cmx30cm. I made this zine with a physical appearance like paper that is thrown to the end of the room or ends up in the trash can. Conceptually, it is practiced during tabling moments, for example, this zine will be piled up like a pile of trash or paper failures with emotional frustration or scattered on or under table stalls.

At the end of 2020, in the midst of a turbulent pandemic, the WAWBAW series together with the DGTMB project collaborated to create an earrings comic. Consists of two series of earrings: The Anting Batu and The Anting Kaleng. This collaboration is an important history for the WAWBAW series to be able to work with one of the leading merchandises from Eko Nugroho’s artwork, after approximately 16 years since his introduction in DGTM comic awards volume 8 in 2004.