WAWBAWseries is an art hobby project which worked since 2010. One of the owners and the creator of this project has a nickname ‘Age’, with the fullname Ageng Purna Galih, born in Bandung. He finished his study in the Literature Faculty, Padjadjaran University Bandung, at the Indonesia Literature major in 2005. He ever worked in Ripple Magazine since 2006 until 2009 as a graphic designer. He also ever worked as a fashion and product photographer in FIREBOLT clothing company for four years (2007 until 2010). Since 2008 until 2012 he worked as a graphic designer too in Institut Francais Indonesia Bandung.

In the beginning, WAWBAWseries is a drawing artwork that applied in diverse media. The exploration opportunity in the various media had been used in the daily product too which we often use or find. The collaboration with various artist characteristics is a mark of the WAWBAWseries project, with the use of the community based as a market strength and the movement that build each other.

In 2019, WAWBAWseries made a sub brand namely abandonINK. It is a self-publishing project with a zine as a media. AbandonINK do the zine workshop project, art exhibition, and discussion in the progress of being a publisher in a zine media