dec.ade, is WAWBAWseries 10th years celebration digital monument that appears in the middle of the ambience of pandemic flavor. There is no uproarious celebration or the appearance of the special product for celebrating this dec.ade. So many friends have been helping and be a part of this in the last 10 years, either as personal or as a collective. Thank to all of you. You gave much inspiration in this very dynamic creativity battlefield.

Also big thanks to all of friends who ever be a partner in the creative works with WAWBAWseries: Bottlesmoker, Sarasvati, MOCCA, 70’soc, AFFEN, NEO WAX, Deu Galih & Folks, Teman Sebangku, IH handmade, Papermoon Puppet, Vitarlenology, Mufti Priyanka, MOKAW, Flameon Foot Mate, Cool Caps, Addy Debil, LSD, Le Motion Photography, Kandura Keramik, Salamatahari, MAICIH, NANIKO rendang, PROVOKE magazine, Indonesian Netlabel Union, Theoresiarumthe, Kelas Kami Punya cerita dari Tobucil&Klabs, Teman Sebangku, Mondo Gascaro, Yura Yunita, Work Coffee Indonesia, Ika Vantiani, Dhirabongs, and DGTMB project.

Thanks to all of the zinisters partner and the zine reader that have ever together in abandonINK since march 2019 until now. As the last sub-brand, abandonINK has ever been stopped for a while. So, the pandemic made the drama getting longer. I hope we can find a new place so we can back to do our activities.